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About Us

Close your eyes for a minute (obviously read this first) and imagine Alexander The Great galloping on his horse wielding his beautiful sword, ready to conquer the world. Now stop right there! The horse, yes the horse. Zoom in on him. Perfect! That is us. Bucephalus!

We are just as powerful, hungry for success and unstoppable!

Now, we don’t consider ourselves to be experts in digital marketing and branding. Instead, we think of ourselves as badasses who knows their way around hurdles. We know how to make things happen and be relentless till they don’t. Anyone who claims to be an expert at social media is kidding themselves. This space is ever changing and we all are learners. We keep exploring what is the newest in the market and how we can use it to our advantage.

We are workaholics. Work is our fuel. It is what wakes us up in the morning. Sometimes (always) when we wake up at night, we check our dashboards to check on work related stuff. We are so passionate about what we do that getting paid for it seems like an additional bounty.

So if you are a start up or a big business (and it helps to be a Game of Thrones fan) and if you are looking for Tyrion’s brain, Jaqen H’ghar’s powers, Olenna’s sass and Arya’s sleight, then you at the right spot!

"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else."

Leonardo da Vinci

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Social Media

Social Media

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Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

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In July 2018, Facebook has again introduced a slur of changes in its ads. In this blog post we are reflecting upon the major changes. Following is all you need to know about it:-

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