In July 2018, Facebook has again introduced a slur of changes in its ads. In this blog post we are reflecting upon the major changes. Following is all you need to know about it:-

  1. Facebook has unified Ads Manager and Power Editor. Power Editor provides brilliant ad creation and editing features. Ads Manager is very easy to use. With both of them unified, the UI is seamless like never before. This updated Ads Manager is globally available.
  2. Facebook has rolled out two new workflows for ad creation- Guided creation and Quick Creation.
  • Guided Creation is kept the same as the original Ads manager workflow. It lets advertisers follow entire process of creation at a stretch.
  • Quick Creation allows you to create campaigns and saves it in the draft. It is very fast from start to finish. The ad sets and ads can be created later. This is an amazing feature for creating multiple ad campaigns in a very short period of time.
  1. Scheduled reporting: A quick show of hands who hates reporting work? Well, Facebook has come to the rescue of those who don’t like spending time on reporting. You can now schedule reports in Facebook.
  2. Bulk Import or Export of Ads: You can now upload an Excel spreadsheet with information on the campaign, ad sets and ads. This way you can bulk import / export your ads. This will give you lightning fast efficiency in creating ads.
  3. Instagram Story Ads: Instagram Stories are included as an Automatic Placement when creating an ad in Ads Manager. As opposed to manual placement, this feature is godsend.
  4. Instagram post as an ad: If you have an Instagram post that is already published on your business profile, you can turn that post into an ad. Amazing Isn’t it?
  5. Draft and Publish: You can now save drafts while editing your ad campaigns. You can later review changes under Review and Publish and confirm the changes.
  6. Custom Audience Origin: Advertisers are now required to select the origin of their custom audience every time they upload a new customer file. This is to make sure that privacy issues do not happen.
  7. Custom audience T&Cs: Again in order to protect data privacy, if a business wants to share its customer information with any of its partners, then they should make sure that they agree to the Facebook Custom Audiences Terms and conditions.
  8. Dynamic Creative: Dynamic creative is a tool in the updated Ads Manager that automatically delivers the best combinations of your ad creatives. Video Views, Reach and Brand Awareness will be gradually rolling out as an objective for dynamic creative. Lead Generation is also gradually rolling out and will be fully available by August. Carousel is gradually being rolled out as a format for this feature.

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