3 Pro Tips on how to proactively deal with negative people on social media

Social media if done right can be a gold mine of new clients and referrals for your business. But as every pro has a con, negative reviews or comments about your business have the potential to nearly destroy your reputation and negatively affect your sales.

As a business you can put certain processes in place to proactively manage such situations.

  1. Proactively monitor your brand conversations

To have your ear on the ground, you can make use of various listening tools such as Talkwalker alerts and Mention. They send you an alert message as and when someone mentions your brand in their conversations or posts. You can also configure an IFTTT (If This, Then That) applet to get notified as soon as your brand is mentioned anywhere in the web.

Consumers like it when the brand are quick to respond to their mentions. Chances are you can quickly take care of their concerns and prevent any further damage from happening.

  1. Script responses for frequent complaints


Any business or industry have certain set of questions or complaints that are more frequent and can be predicted ahead of time. Predict whatever common concerns you can and write an excellent script that is sure to answer their queries and concerns.


Example: In dropshipping business, the delivery times are often very long. There are times when even after clearly mentioning it, the customer didn’t pay attention to it and is now upset about not receiving their package. You can prepare a well-crafted script to handle such a situation.


Bonus tip: Be sure to have different length & format responses for different social media platforms.


  1. Keep top management socially accessible


Businesses who have their top management involved in their social media generates positive sentiment in the minds of the buyers. Even if the customer have some sort of issue, they find it soothing to have access to higher ups in the company. In most situations, a reply from a higher up for a small issue immediately disarms the complainant and resolves the issue. It also reflects well on the reputation of your company as being transparent.


It is a good idea to either make someone in your company responsible for customer service or hire a social media agency. Make sure the person responsible has various tactics under their belt to handle such situations as and when they occur.

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